Summer's End

Questing Beast

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Summer’s End is a 24-page zine containing 12 one-page adventures for Knave 2e and other OSR systems, each contained on a single spread. Six of these are dungeons to drop into your campaign, while the other six are “Six-Mile Adventure Hexes,” local areas packed with action and mystery to spice up a hexcrawl.

Some of the adventures in the book include: 

  • Summer’s End: A mountain hex featuring rival factions, a tree of magic swords, and the lair of the Summer Worm.
  • The Raiders of Wolfsea: An archipelago hex featuring weird pirate ships, fog wolves, civilized liches, and a treasure hunt.
  • The Wizards of Sparrowkeep: A village hex surrounded by four wizard towers, whose occupants are engaged in a slow, passive-aggressive wizard battle for the affections of a local witch.
  • The Alchemist’s Repose: An abandoned laboratory overrun by fungal elves and programmable automatons.
  • The Lair of the Keymaster: A puzzle dungeon with a chained, starving dragon and the schematics to the Lock Absolute.
  • Drums in the Deep: A sewer dungeon featuring a hallucinogenic spider, three lost teenagers, and a cult attempting to summon the King of Nails.