Maps of Hot Springs Island

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Receive TWO beautiful 18" x 24" maps of Hot Springs Island by Jason Thompson ( One cloth. One paper. Ships separately from any book orders, but ships free anywhere in the world!



Art by Jason Bradley Thompson, Colors by Jason Bradley Thompson and Jumana Al Hashal

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  • 5

    Posted by S P on Aug 18th 2019

    I liked the map.

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    Map of Hot Springs Island

    Posted by Shawn Connolly on Aug 1st 2019

    Excellent quality and fantastic artwork! should prove very helpful when roleplaying this island! Cant wait....

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    Great Map

    Posted by Alfrodo on Jul 23rd 2019

    Awesome Map. A perfect complement to play Hot Spring Island

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    Posted by Jason Bryan on Jul 16th 2019

    Beautiful map, will give players (and GMs) a better idea of what might be in each hex. Not good if you want them to have No idea what is there, but this would have been marvelous with the last group I ran here since it could give them a better idea of where they may want to head.

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    A Great Supplement

    Posted by Brother Willi on May 21st 2019

    A great addition to any Hot Springs Island campaign. The map is beautiful and contains enough to intrigue players without giving away too much. It's printed on a thick paper that will hold-up to use at the table. The back of the map is printed with the hex-crawl rules and hex-teasers (so may need to be kept from players). Combined with the field guide, it gives the players a lot of agency to explore the island. My hope is that a cloth version will be available sometime!

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    New Map of Hot Springs Island

    Posted by Alain Vendevogel on May 6th 2019

    The map is splendid, finally at the height of the original material. On the back is a description of each hexagon with a reminder of the pages of the supplement for optimal use. Great addition to a monument like Hot Spring Island.