Palace of 1000 Stone Faces

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"At the crossroads of the thousand worlds, rising from a sea of clouds, there sits a timeless, placeless, palace. Creatures of every shape and tempter travel the halls, on missions of transplanar trade or war, or wandering. In the heart of the palace, many balconies rise above a sumptuous concert hall, with nightly performances drawing divas and dignitaries from every corner of the multiverse."


The Palace of 1000 Stone Faces is a system neutral, extra planar "hub" location written and illustrated by Dirk Leichty for Swordfish Islands. It will be appearing in the forthcoming Swordfish Islands book Marlo's Mire.

For a limited time (until March 31) it will be available as a two color, risograph printed zine. The zines are being printed, folded and hand assembled so (depending on demand) they may not ship immediately.