Worldbuilder's Notebook - Print-It-Yourself

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I am an RPG creator and publisher, who likes to write notes. Lots of notes. I've developed the Worldbuilder's Notebook over the past couple of years to address the problems I run into when creating gaming content for myself, and others.

You can grab an offest, hardcover copy on the Swordfish Islands shop, but this version is for the DIYers who would like to print and assemble their own zine versions of it for their personal use.

This product consists of 4 print-it-yourself zines in Half-Letter size for North American users and A5 for International users. The different zine types are:

  1. A 32 page Dot Grid zine
  2. A 32 page Hex Grid zine
  3. A 32 page Isometric zine
  4. A 36 page reference zine

The gridded zines are exactly what they say they are, but with a few usability modifications. Grids are setup to print in cyan, so if you draw a killer map it's easier to scan and digitally clean up the image. Grids have "nubs" to help you divide the pages in half easily. All gridded pages have quick reference "tabs" on the side of each page that can be colored in or filled in to help you quickly reference your different ideas. This way, if you are suddenly hit with an idea for a different campaign, you can tag it, instead of stopping your work to try and find the correct campaign notebook.

The reference zine has a few Dyson Logos maps that are excellent to have on hand (you always need a tavern map right?!). It also has informational sections on Earth's biomes and landforms, as well as a section on words commonly found in classic Sword & Sorcery stories, and a section on dice probability. The goal of the reference section is to give you the creative mental reference you can access without needing to go online and get sucked into a wikipedia rabbit hole.