The Bloodship Returns

The Rocket Kingdoms

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THE BLOODSHIP RETURNS is a tabletop Metroidvania adventure, a 35-room spaceship dungeon bursting with adversaries and potential allies, tricks and traps and treasure. A power keg, a puzzle box, a Zelda-like space adventure as imagined by gnostic monks.

Works as a one-shot, a campaign starter, or a diversion or intrusion into existing games. Use the stock characters, or create or import your own.

THE BLOODSHIP RETURNS is also suited for solo or GM-less play, and requires no prior reading or preparation--the lore and character of the world is encountered and revealed gradually, through play.



  • Simple, robust rules with a variety of dials to customize play.
  • Four pre-generated characters, plus rules for custom character creation.
  • Three distinct biomes with unique dynamic terrain and lots of verticality.
  • A bestiary of 30 friends and enemies, full of factions and sharp hooks.
  • Dozens of impactful treasures, including rules for generating powerful sentient swords.

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    The Bloodship Returns Book

    Posted by Dexter on Sep 13th 2023

    Beautiful book. The art is unlike anything I've seen. I love how everything seems to have been made using isometric graph paper. Some of the drawings I have no idea how they were created since they don't align with the grid beneath. The world building is incredible and so evocative, and is rendered with wonderful writing. It conjures its world in the mind and can be read linearly or by jumping around. The only blemish in the production is that small typos are common throughout the book. Nothing major, just things like "Blooship" instead of "Bloodship"; "Distribued" instead of "Distributed", etc.