Beyond the Borderlands - Issue #1

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Swordfish Islands has teamed up with the amazing Alex Damaceno (@gnarledmonster) to bring you physical zine copies of his fantasy wilderness hexcrawl: Beyond the Borderlands (Issue 1).


Adventure awaits in the Wicked Palovalley out beyond the borderlands!

Beyond the Borderlands #1 is a system neutral regional hexcrawl inspired by the classic D&D adventure Keep on the Borderlands (B2). The Stronglaw Keep defends the Western Kingdoms against invasions from the monsterous forces of the Wicked Palovalley. The Palovalley is presented as a 36 hex hexcrawl, divided into 6 different regions, each one with its own list of content, rumors and random encounters.

Brazilian author/illustrator Alex Damaceno has brought the valley to life with evocative details, and still managed to bundle it into a quick 20 pages of content. Like all good "overworld" adventure settings, the area is peppered with holes to the "underworld". Those dungeons are in the process of being written up and illustrated and will be released in the next issue (coming soon!). A third and final zine will fully flesh out the NPCs, monsters and factions of the valley, and present them all as printable paper miniatures (coming later!).

Even though more is on the way, Beyond the Borderlands #1 contains plenty of content for multiple sessions of exploration and factional intrigue!

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  • 5
    An Fun Homage With More Game-able Material Than The Original KoTBL

    Posted by Scott W. on Dec 4th 2020

    A really fun product with excellent production values. Alex's incredible talent and creativity are on full display. The matte paper stock of the cover and the low gloss pages of the interior work well with the color palettes of the art. The stickers and the regional map were a nice touch.

  • 5
    Beyond the borderlands zine

    Posted by Charles Wahl on Dec 2nd 2020

    Love this zine can't wait for the next one

  • 5
    Fantastic zine!

    Posted by Mike on Dec 1st 2020

    There is a lot to love in this little zine. The layout is great, the setting is immersive, and the maps are wonderful. There is so much flavor packed into these pages, and this is just the beginning! The hex descriptions really stand out to me, they are short and to the point but also very evocative and convey everything a GM needs to get it to the table and start playing. I can't wait for the next one!

  • 5
    Great Package

    Posted by Nathan on Dec 1st 2020

    I really enjoyed the tone and feel of this book. The art is great. The way the game options are presented were clear and provided opportunity to build story. Looking forward to the next couple books!

  • 5
    Excellent! Just What You Need

    Posted by Thom on Dec 1st 2020

    The first issue has just what you need to run adventures in new realm. Hex maps, a few sentences of flavor, and several encounter areas to get your group interested in the area. Well done! I'm looking forward to the next issue already!

  • 5
    Beyond the Borderlands

    Posted by Buck Crutchfield on Nov 30th 2020

    Really useable and great art!