Beyond the Borderlands #3

Gnarled Monster

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Brazilian author/illustrator Alex Damaceno (@gnarledmonster) is back to bring you the third and final issue of the Beyond the Borderlands zine!

Now we'll dive into the Shifting Maze, a six-level megadungeon beneath the Wicked Palovalley that changes layouts and contents every time it's explored. Using the cardcrawl method from dungeon reavers, players will use a deck of poker cards to generate each level as they go, making each delve an unpredictable challenge!

In this zine you will also find:
- A new NPC, the wandering merchant
- A list of 12 magical ingredients to create potions
- A list of 36 magical items and their effects

By purchasing the zine you also get access to:
- The cardcrawl minizine from dungeon reavers
- The shifting maze illustration in BW to draw over and take notes
- A PDF to print paper minis of all the creatures and NPCs that appeared in the three zines and two variations of an 8x8 battle mat