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Important: This product requires FoundryVTT (v.0.8.8) to run.

Deep in the forest plants and animals twist and crack and seem to fill with stars before they vanish, screaming into nothing. A tomb has appeared, and lumberjacks argue about its origin over drinks at the Red Squirrel Inn. Some say it's new, like a freshly grown cancerous lump; others say the twisting earth revealed an ancient trove of bone and unimaginable treasure. No one can agree, but townsfolk have begun to go missing, riders in black have been seen on the roads, and some say the candles are singing.

The Tomb of Black Sand is an adventure created for contemporary table top role playing games, yet deeply rooted in “old school” RPG design sensibilities. It can be used as a one-shot or as a hook filled location on the map that players can explore or ignore over the course of their adventures.

Creatures within the tomb are not here to be killed by or provide a challenge for PCs. They have their own concerns, are (mostly) minding their own business and PCs are intruding upon their mythic underworld. Dealing with them does have its benefits though, as the tomb is full of treasure and innocents in need of rescue.

The tomb is a Lich’s lair (CR 21), who is always present. There is no need, or expectation, PCs kill him. If a level 4 party goes up against him—expecting balanced, “combat-as-sport”—it almost certainly ends in their oblivion. It is possible, but his death is in no way the “intent” of this adventure.

The answers are not on your character sheet but uncovered with exploration and applied creativity.

This module contains:

  • The Tomb of Black Sand: Everything you need for a one-shot or short campaign, as well as music, sound effects, tokens and doodoads you can use in your ongoing virtual table top adventures.
  • Low to No Prep Work: The information you need to run the game is right where you need it when you need it. Did the party trigger a trap? Instantly give them a button to make their saving throws and communicate what has occurred. Need an encounter? Roll them on the fly and drag and drop variable monster tokens directly on the map.
  • An Immersive Experience: The module contains music and ambient effects to enhance your virtual play sessions. The banshee, performed by Nina Diaz, sings to herself and can perform two lullabies. Ghosts cry out as players approach. The woods are filled with birdsong and the town and tomb are filled with ambient music by Donn Stroud.
  • Abundant Content: Gabriel Hernandez has created over 60 monster tokens and dungeon related doodads for the module. Monsters and NPCs are supported with fantastic black and white illustrations by Gabriel as well so you can always show your players who they're talking to or what's currently eating the bard.
  • Excellent Maps: Items discovered in the accursed tomb cause it to change size. The amazing Limithron created two differently sized dungeon maps, and a macro seamlessly changes them on the fly. The tomb is also accompanied by a town and small regional hex map.

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  • 5
    Modern rules with a classic feel

    Posted by Gavin Rundlett on Jun 23rd 2022

    After I found out the maps were done by Limithron I jumped on it. awesome module

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