Down and out in Dredgeburg

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Expected release date is Aug 21st 2020

Swordfish Islands has teamed up with the amazing Karl Stjernberg (@skullfungus) to bring you physical zine copies of his hellish little adventure: Down and out in Dredgeburg.


Welcome to Dredgeburg!

You have died and woken up in the city of Dredgeburg, a dark oasis of sorts, wedged in between the many hells of the Underworld. Dredgeburg is a massive city, located deep within the Underworld where it sits in the middle of a fetid swamp. It’s a strange and often dangerous place where anything can happen and where much adventure is to be had.


  • A strange, hellish (but cute) fantasy city
  • Simple ruleset using the World of Dungeons-engine
  • Character Sheet that you can print out
  • Six districts, each with their own flair and adventure hooks
  • Three classes; The Gore, The Dreg and The Witch
  • Over 20 hand drawn illustrations
  • A color cover that you can print out
  • Mission/Job/Adventure Generators
  • NPC Name/Quirk Tables
  • 20 pages in total
  • And a lot more!


Note: This is a pre-order. Copies are expected to start shipping on August 21st, and will ship separate from any other items that may be in your order.